Galapagos is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting destinations in the world – both above and below the surface. While diving can be done from a land based resort, the most exciting diving needs to be done from a liveaboard. There are two basic areas where you dive in Galapagos – the northern islands of Darwin and Wolf and the southern islands.

The southern islands offer playful sea lions, bat fish, mola mola, bait balls, white tips, harlequin wrasse, yellowfin tuna, large schools of rays and much more. But, it's the northern islands of Darwin and Wolf are where you will lose your breath on nearly every dive when you see schools of hammerheads, pods of dolphin, the massive whale sharks, graceful manta rays, the ever-popular turtles, eagle rays and the enormous Galapagos sharks – in addition to the usual assortment of hogfish, butterfly fish, amberjack, eels, etc! Like I said – it's pretty spectacular!

There are two seasons in Galapagos – Whale Shark Season and Non-Whale Shark Season!! The Whale Sharks start coming to the Wolf and Darwin area in early May and are frequently sighted through November. But, the rest of the year is hardly boring ... you can expect larger schools of hammerheads, manta rays and eagle rays! No matter when you go, you will love diving the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Dive Trips